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At Rock n Rolla we tried to find 3 words that best describe us and what we stand for.

TRUST - Our work and reputation speaks for itself, we will always speak our truth, if your hair is going to snap off because its compromised we will tell you. Offering you a kinder service. If a style isn't going to suit you or it'll cause you murders to style we will tell you, because no one wants to live with a bad hair day. We will never over promise and under deliver.

CONFIDENCE - We consistently under go training to make sure we are up to date with all the latest trends. We're not afraid to suggest which stylist is the most suitable for a specific service. Its not realistic to think that some stylists arent  better at some services than others. That's what makes us special and human. We want you to leave feeling like the best version of yourself. Confidence is the best outfit that all of us can wear

ACCESSIBLE - We are a fully inclusive salon. Ever walked into a salon and you've felt anxious or uncomfortable. We will never make you feel like that. We welcome all genders, races, ages, disabilities religions and sexual orientations. We have policies in place to assist and you only have to ask and we will try and accomodate you, from things like an  autism quiet room to disabled access for wheel chairs and silent hair cuts. 

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