Lockdown hair part 3

So here we go again, lockdown number 3. What does that mean for you and your hair?

Dodgy roots? Dry unmanageable hair? Spilt ends? Well if we learnt anything from the last lockdown its that we don't have to put up with that anymore. Take this time to really focus on yourselves and your hair quality.

Invest in some good hair care and start a hair routine, yes I know first hand as the mother of a crazy toddler that finding the time for self love is harder than ever at the moment. But it doesn't have to be a long as procedure. I have been using the shit out of my olapex treatment. In fact I've even left it in for 3 days.....the luxury of a shower by myself is well.... a luxury these days. Don't even go there on blow drying apparently the hair dryer is too loud for my daughters delicate ears. Her screeching however tells me there's nothing wrong with those ears of hers.

I could spend this whole blog telling you about the wonders of Olaplex but if you're already a client of ours you know full well that its a magical product, so I won't harp on about it. If you would like t order some we can arrange a home delivery or a click and collect at the salon.

There are also many other wonderful conditioning and strengthening treatments we have in salon. We are as you know an EVO salon so we stock some of the best treatments in town.

RITUAL SALVATION SHAMPOO - for weak, brittle, colour treated hair.

This is a reparative shampoo to cleanse, repair and strengthen hair. It helps reduce breakage while improving combability (did I just make that word up) and manageability.

RITUAL SALVATION REPAIRING CONDITIONER - adds softness and shine, reduces frizz, helps detangle whilst repairing and strengthening.

MANE ATTENTION PROTEIN TREATMENT - intense protein reconstructor to repair and strengthen. Treats damaged and brittle hair especially chemically treated hair.

These products are for you over chemically treating hair clients, there is zero point in adding moisturising products to chemically damaged hair. Your hair needs to be strong enough to not break, if you are just adding moisture to already weak hair it may feel soft but you're not saving it youre masking the damage. Weak hair has too much elasticity (think chewing gum know who you are) so we need to harden up the hair shaft which is where protein comes into it. Once its hardened you can then start to add moisture. A lot of the time we start you off with the above product and then once hair quality is better we start to mix and match the products bespokely to suit your needs.

THE THERAPIST HYDRATING SHAMPOO - for dry, colour treated hair.

This is a hydrating shampoo, to cleanse, moisturise and strengthen hair. It helps add softness and shine, reduces frizz, helps detangle and reduces colour fading. Its also our best selling shampoo!

THE THERAPIST HYDRATING CONDITIONER - Helps seal cuticle to prevent moisture loss and provide humidity control (this is why its a best seller). Hydrates strengthens while greatly improving shine.

THE GREAT HYDRATOR MOISTURE MASK - intense hydrating treatment to moisturise, soften and reduce frizz and add shine. I take this on holiday with me and put it on whilst I sunbathe by the pool......who am I kidding I'm running round the pool area making sure the kid doesn't drown.

These are our best sellers, like I said before we like to mix and match our products depending or hir strength and also hair type. We don't want to over laden your hair with product so a little mix and match can personalise this to each client. These are just two of the products we have have, next month I will showcase the other products we have.

These products are available from the salon....theyre also available from the internet. We do however ask you to support us as a small business and buy from us rather than the internet. I know its easier to get it delivered from amazon but if you can take the time to buy from us directly it means that we keep our heads above the parapet for a bit longer. We appreciate any help from you to survive these hard times.

The salon number has been diverted to my mobile so if you would like any advice concerning your hair please don't hesitate to call, if you would like to purchase any products again please call, fb message, email carrier pigeon whatever you like!

Jokes aside If you are struggling and just need someone to talk to I am here to just listen, do not struggle alone, we are here for you x

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