See this little bottle? Looks can be deceiving ……..its the mightiest product on the market for damaged hair.

K18 utilizes a breakthrough patented oligopeptide (K18Peptide™) which shuttles amino acids (the building blocks of hair) into the inner structure of the hair. Once inside the hair cortex, the unique amino-acid chain goes directly to the broken disulfide bonds to replace the lost amino acids, regenerating the bond and restoring ultimate strength, resilience and softness.

What does that mumbo jumbo actually mean for your hair?

Ten years of scientific research resulted in a product that, unlike traditional bond builders that temporarily strengthen hair, repairs and restores hair naturally and for longer. They named that product K18Peptide. Simplified, the science behind the product is the application of keratin genomics makes hair repair possible. Or, in other words, K18 contains 18 amino acids that work together to repair and reconnect keratin. Keratin is a protein that makes up your nails, hair, and skin.

The result of K18 treatment (single use) is improved elasticity, hair integrity, and shine.

And the best part is, you see the results almost immediately and without using too much product.

Olaplex vs k18?

We still love Olaplex and it still has its place in our hearts and on our shelves. The main difference between the 2 products is time. With K18 its a product that delivers immediately. Olaplex takes time, time in salon to apply and also to build up on the hair which makes it fantastic for home usage.

Also if you are celiac or have a gluten intolerance K18 does have wheat in it and can trigger an allergic reaction.

Cost wise, K18 is a more expensive treatment and a 50ml mask is £55 where as an Olaplex 3 100ml is £26. However you need far less product with the k18 than you do with Olaplex. So it kind if evens out eventually.

As with everything some products work better on different types of hair so one product will suit you more than the other, speak to your stylist about each treatment when you next come in.

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