Goodbye summer HELLO AUTUMN

Autumn has arrived with a bang, the leaves are turning that gorgeous shade of orange, the nights are drawing in and its the time of the year that everyone decides that they need to tone down their summer hair ready for the arrival of winter.

So what does that mean for you?

 I for one feel like we haven’t even had a summer this year. I yearn for the blast of hot air hitting my face as I step out of the airplane on to some far flung hot tarmac halfway across the world. I’m not ready to relinquish my summer hair when I haven’t even had a summer holiday, but alas the season of change is upon us. The quarantine tan has all but disappeared and my PPE skin is drying out and turning a lovely shade of mozzarella. Winter hair for me usually means doing a 180, going from blonde to dark and getting my hair into good condition again ready to re lighten come spring. This year I’ve decided to buck the trend and instead of going jet black or bright red cause you know I’m all dramatic like that, I’ve decided to try the natural look. This is not something that comes naturally to me (excuse the pun) and after my initial horror of OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE? I am in love with it, its low maintenance, it suits my waning complexion and my hair feels like its regaining some of its strength.


Now I’m not advising for everyone to embrace their natural hair, its not for everyone. However maybe its time to start to think about adding some tone and depth to those bleach blondes, a few warmer flashes to your brunette or just go all guns blazing and jump straight into that copper phase you’ve been thinking about. Here’s a couple of ideas you could discuss with your stylist at your next consultation:

Blondes - Start easy and just change up your toner, instead of the ashy beach blonde have more of a beige toner added to your next lot of highlights.                                                                           Root shadows are a blondes best friend, perfect if you want a lower maintenance blonde, adds immediate depth and an illusionary darkness to your over all look.                                    Add some natural lowlights to add some movement and shade on shade contrast to the blonde.

Brunettes -  Up your brown game with some gold, cappuccino or espresso tints. The added warmth will reflect the light and warm up your complexion making you look more refreshed and brighter.                                                                                                                             Add some flashes of colour to give your layers some dimension, red, copper, gold, lighter brown or go crazy and have some fashion colours, the world is your oyster and you can go as loud or as subtle as you want.

Reds - Brighten up your current colour with a few face framing highlights, like above you can go as loud or as subtle as you dare to go.                                                                                       Add a shot of special colour mix and brighten up your reds, been a soft copper that little extra shot of special mix will take your colour up to another level, bright strong and shiny, been a mahogany and want to level up lets take you to a a bold red that’ll turn heads.               Or dive into the purples and raspberries for a winter look that’ll def make you stand out in a crowd, if your working from home why not try something a little different!

Colouring your hair should never stress you out, it is only colour. As much as it can change your life it wont take long to take you back to what you came in with if you really don’t like it.

Colour is fun it should make you feel good, excited and like the best version of yourself. 

Whatever you decide to do, remember we are here for you and are always available for a free consultation to discuss ideas good and bad!  


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