August 2020

So here we are after the busiest month ever!

We’ve survived and we, as always thank you for your continued support.  We’ve really enjoyed seeing everyone’s quarantine hair, some good some not so good lol! Many of you have finally gotten to grow your hair past that annoying stage which usually sends you scurrying in and telling your stylist to cut it off. So this month i think its best that we concentrate on hair quality.

What does that mean to you? 

We’re talking about homecare.

We always hear from you that when you come into the salon your blow dry lasts longer, feels smoother, looks shinier. Obviously I’m not going to lie to you and say that that’s all down to products.....there is no substitute for a professional blow dry.  However products play a big part of it. Salon products are of a higher quality than any drugstore product you will ever buy. Trust me when i say that the Kerastase products you are buying in Tescos are not the same as the Kerastase products you buy in salon (Disclaimer- we don’t stock Kerastase so not shamelessly plugging). 

My favourite saying to my clients when they are undecided on whether they should invest in salon products is why pay ££ to have your hair coloured and then not protect and prolong it at home? Would you buy a Ferrari and maintain it with oil for a robin reliant? Our shampoo and conditioner prices start from £9.95 for our GREAT BRITISH HAIR RANGE. That’s less than a cosmopolitan!

For those of you who are au that squeaky clean sound your hair makes when you squeeze the water out of your hair? love the amount of foam that one pump of shampoo gives you? Yea that’s actually not as good as you think. Drugstore shampoos have got sulphates in them, sulphates in laymen’s term is salt. Salt plus water equals lots of foam. You know those fairy liquid adverts where they show you the plates lathering up? That’s basically in your shampoo, its an advertising tool to make you believe that your hair is cleaner because it has foamed up, and we have been conditioned (excuse the pun) that lots of foam means cleaner hair, plates, etc.  Most salon shampoos are sulphate free this protects your hair and scalps natural oils and also extends your colour service as the shampoo doesn’t strip your hair of the colour and oils. There’s a reason we recommend head and shoulders if you’ve home coloured your hair too dark before coming in to see us.......

Finally styling products, they really do do what they say on the bottle, if you want bouncy voluminous hair, you need to put the scaffold in. No scaffold the hair is going to collapse. It’s quite simple, we build the foundations before decorating. You are not going to get those unruly curly hairs silky soft and smooth if you don’t use a product to moisturise and straighten it. You want to use straightening irons everyday without it breaking off? You need to use a protection spray or your gonna end up with a or fashion fail? I’ll let you decide.

Anyway enough about that, what i can promise you as a salon is that we would never recommend a product that we don’t believe in and thats why we offer a no quibble exchange with all our products. We stock Great British hair every product is £9.95. Our luxury range EVO has all shampoos at £17 conditioner £19 and all styling products £21. Please speak to your stylist next time you come in and make looking after your hair a breeze.

So with all that in mind, August’s deals are all to do with hair conditioning. 

FULL BALAYAGE/OMBRÉ & CUT AND FINISH - free olaplex treatment worth £25 FULL HEAD HIGHLIGHTS & CUT AND FINISH - free conditioning treatment worth £20 TINT & CUT AND FINISH - free conditioning treatment worth £20 RECOMMEND A FRIEND - free Conditioning treatment for BOTH of you worth £20 on your next visit

We are back to normal opening hours, and late night Thursdays. Book in now and lets get your hair looking fabulous

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